Food and Culture Jubilant Festival of Vietnamese students in Huddersfiled

In the first week of November each year, Vietnamese students at Huddersfiled, England have an opportunity to participate in artistic performances, enjoy the food, meet and exchanges with friends from around the world.

City Huddersfield – an ancient and friendly city, 262 kilometers from London capital in the north. Every year, thousands of schools welcome students from over 120 countries around the world because of its reputation and quality of learning and facilities.

Festival “Food and culture” of the school takes place on November 5 is a significant event for Vietnam students to participate in many activities and introduce the culture and cuisine of their country with international friends at the school.

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled1

Nice conical hat performance

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled2

The lovely S-shaped Vietnam

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled3

In this event, many good friendships among international friends

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled4

Vietnamese Student Association at Huddersfield

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled5

Bright smiles of Vietnamese students

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled6

International friends are interesting in Vietnam ao dai.

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled7

Salad rolls of the Vietnamese Student Association

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled8

A variety of food from many countries in the world

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled9

Some impressive performances from International Student Associations

Food-Culture-Jubilant-Festival- Huddersfiled10

International Student Associations at Huddersfiled

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