Paradise plum blossoms in Moc Chau

Moc Chau has long been famous for the white flower field improvements, the tea plantation or forest gush of white plum blossom, and also one of the attractions people dissipated attract tourists at home and abroad.

Moc Chau plateau covered in white plum blossom

Moc Chau plateau covered in white plum blossom

There are 4 beautiful natural seasons, in the harmonious spring weather, white plum flowers bloom, painting a poetic picture like the wonderland that fascinates people. If you want to contemplate the beautiful scenery, you should go to Moc Chau right in the upcoming Ky Hoi (the Year of the Piglet) Lunar New Year.

In the Spring Moc Chau will be covered with the color of pure white plum blossoms. These days, tourists are looking forward to the day to go roaming, wandering in the white plum blossoms forest, and touching the fragile petal-like snowflakes. 

The wilderness and ancient plum trees add more attractiveness to the Moc Chau town

The wilderness and ancient plum trees add more attractiveness to the Moc Chau town

The visitor will see plum colors everywhere on the roads from village to the fields rice, from the side of the highway to small alleys deep in the cliffs. Everywhere the fragrance of plum blossoms is scented. The wind blows with a pinch, the traveler feels like is in the world of elves.

Tan Lap, Phien Canh, Long Luong, Thong Cuong are named ” kingdom” of white plums. Along with the pine forests in the village, plum blossoms bloom like to postcard scenes in Europe in the snow season. Going to Bam tap waterfall in the early spring, the traveler will feel the quietness in the pure plum blossom as the dew of love song murmuring streams of love.


In Pa Phach, tourists will think like the “oasis” of plum blossom is forgotten, completely separated from the outside world. This place is like a fairyland with the shaggy plum trunks covered with white plum, in the dim frosted space. The journey will lead you to Pa Khen, the capital of white plum blossoms of Moc Chau, a destination of the true plum hunters. No matter how many times the visitors come here, every time they are amazed at the beauty of the scene in this place. It is simply a breeze, the fragile petals falling lightly like snow on your hair, your shoulders, and scattered on the ground.


Coming to Moc Chau, besides the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery of white plum hills, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the customs and unique cultural beauty of the ethnic minorities here. The H’mong spring dresses seem more colorful, the smile seems brighter, and the singing, the horn, and the dance are full of vitality to hypnotize the heart of the far-away traveler.

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