Bauhinia Flowers Dye Purple A Corner Of West Lake

Located between West Lake and Truc Bach lake, Thanh Nien street becomes more romantic in the purple color of bauhinia flowers.

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Bauhinia flowers have long been one of the colors of the March in Hanoi. They are popularly grown in some streets of Hanoi but most beautiful and romantic in Thanh Nien street.

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In addition to rows of roadside trees, the area of the park nearby West Lake collects many bauhinia flower trees.

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On every March, bauhinia flowers are in blossom as bring the North West area to Hanoi thanks to typical purple color.

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Together with the warm atmosphere of early spring with light sunshine and wind, purple bauhinia flowers make the blue sky more beautiful.

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Many young people come to Thanh Nien road to take photos.

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There are a variety of bauhinia flowers, but in Hanoi, purple ones are popular.

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Along Thanh Nien road, apart from beholding such kind of flowers, you can buy other flowers from nearby Nhat Tan flower garden.

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