‘Railway Hamlet’ in Hanoi from perspective of foreign tourists


An India tourist took photos about daily life of residents living two sides of the rail when he had a chance to visit Hanoi.

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In a occasion in Hanoi, Ashit Desai (54 years old) from Bangalore, India was very surprised when he witnessed daily activities of people on two sides of the rail.

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The rail goes through the Old Quarter, across narrow lanes and run to direction of Long Bien Bridge.

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Through his pictures, photographer Ashit Desai showed a close distance between locomotives and houses two side rails.

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However, people’s life here is still not interfered. They feel unworried to cook and walk near the railways.

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People also sit comfortably and trade on the train rails because they know what exact time the trains go through, usually twice during the day.

ray 6

When the train is going to come, people here remove goods away from train rails.

ray 7

To them, this is as a habit and activities quickly come back as it should be when the train goes way.

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Adam Armstrong, who is working in a tourism company share: “when rambling in rail areas and going across residents’ houses here, I not only catch friendly smiles, but also invited to visit their house and enjoy a meal. The life is really peaceful and much different from noisy sound when trains go through.”

ray 9

At some intersections when trains come, railway staffs will drag shields to ensure the safety for pedestrians.

ray 10

A part of railway is near residential houses- view from high

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