Restaurants Serve Western Food and Drink For a Romantic Dinner in Hanoi (Part 3)


La Salsa, Bobby Chinn, Le Petit, Don’s, etc. are luxury restaurants imbued with European cuisine and highly appreciated in Hanoi.

On weekends, let’s choose one of listed restaurants together with your half to enjoy a romantic dinner.

7. Le Petit Bruxelles


Luxurious space of Le Petit

Belgium Le Petit restaurant was opened in 2003 and is located at the beginning of Au Trieu street. The restaurant was born more than 10 years; hence it also resonates in the hearts of diners who have been here. Le Petit is designed in accordance with European style and Belgium serves, especially beers from Belgium. The bar space is divided into two parts including indoor and outdoor, outside is a professional bar ready to serve any drinks, inside for those who want to dine at the restaurant. Le Petit drinks is famous for Belgian beer and cocktails, moreover, dishes like minced meat, beef, chicken or beef cooked in tomato sauce are also favored by a lot of dinners.

8. Pots’n Pan Restaurant & Bar


Romantic space in Pots’n Pan

A restaurant-bar is located on Bui Thi Xuan, Pots’n Pans Restaurant & Bar is an ideal destination for families and friends. Food in the restaurant is cooked by a famous chef Michelin Star- Chef Felix Eppisser together with professional chefs and staffs. Moreover, the restaurant owns luxurious space and sophisticated interior decoration, rich menu and professional service style. You can enjoy dishes imbued with European cuisine and a sensation of being in melodious music here.

9. La Verticale


La Verticale restaurant is located in a beautiful and ancient French villa

La Verticale is located in a four-storey ancient French villa which was built in 1930 on Ngo Van So street. The restaurant was opened two years ago by a foreign chef who has many years experience working at the Metropole Hotel Didier Corlou. From the food to the design space of the restaurant also show culinary culture of France and Vietnam. Some French-style dishes such as foie gras steamed with fresh tropical fruits, duck dishes: braised, roasted, etc. Guests can also observe processing of chefs in an open kitchen on the ground floor. 1st floor and 2nd floor are places where guests dine while the terrace is an ideal place to drink coffee outdoors. All floors are decorated simply but sophisticatedly and aesthetically.

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