Relaxing Spaces Around Hanoi Lakes

Besides deep and ancient beauty of the architecture, Hanoi also attracts tourists by green space from rows of trees and lakes in the heart of the city.

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Sword Lake is also known as Luc Thuy lake, surrounded by streets Hang Khay, Dinh Tien Hoang, and Ly Thai To.

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Situated in a central location, Hoan Kiem Lake often occurs many art and cultural activities. This is also a relaxing for city residents and visitors.

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Not far away Hoan Kiem lake is West Lake. With an area of over 500 hectares, it is the largest lake within the city, formed from an old part of Red River. In the 11th century, this lake was named Dâm Đàm (a pond with mist). In the 15th century, it was known as the West Lake.

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The road surrounding West Lake is an ideal location to ride bicycle on weekends. The trip may starts from the park area on Thanh Nien road and lasts almost 20 km.

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Separated by Thanh Nien Road, Truc Bach Lake is quite small but it is chosen by many people for a relaxing place. Near the lake is a popular snack area with Ngu Xa noodle spring rolls.

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Giang Vo lake view from above, grassy green color and clear water. Many people come here not only by airy space but popular spicy snail dish in lakeside eateries.

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Aside from enjoying the fresh air, you can stroll around the lake in the early morning or evening.

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Bay Mau Lake is a freshwater lake located in the Thong Nhat Park, in the middle has Thong Nhat island and Hoa Binh (Peace) island. It is one of 26 drainage lakes of the city. For years, Bay Mau Lake has been an entertainment place of capital people.

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Many foreign tourists chose Bay Mau Lake as a relaxing place to relax. On sunny days, you can ride a duck boat on the lake.

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Thu Le lake which is located in the park of the same name is seen from a tall building in Dao Tan Street. Around the lake are green trees and animals, attracting a lot of visitors, especially young children.

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