The Well- Known Barringtonia Acutangula Of Hanoi In The Season Of Leaf Fall

The ancient barringtonia acutangula tree in Hoan Kiem lake dye itself yellow and red when spring comes. It creates a poetic landscape.

Barringtonia-Acutangula-Hanoi   (7)

The barringtonia acutangula tree has long been in Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi. The famous tree is located opposite to the tree- way intersection Dinh Tien Hoang- Tran Nguyen Han. Each year, on occasion of warm sunshine in the north, it is season of leaf fall. Such kind of tree changes leaves quickly, just in some weeks, green leaves turn into yellow, then fall down and from dry branches, it appears green buds.

Barringtonia-Acutangula-Hanoi   (4)

On every season of the leaf fall, the ancient barringtonia acutangula in Hoan Kiem lake attracts a number of tourists and photographers.

Barringtonia-Acutangula-Hanoi   (5)

The beautiful barringtonia acutangula creates a romantic landscape in the center of Hanoi, attracts the attention of pedestrians and tourists.

Barringtonia-Acutangula-Hanoi   (3)

Mother and her child are reading book in the beautiful landscape.

Barringtonia-Acutangula-Hanoi   (1)

A little boy gets fun with his father.

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