The Brilliant Afternoons in West Lake

West Lake is one of beautiful places with open views in Hanoi. It is also a famous mark associated with the history of the capital- thousands of years of civilization.


In the last days of summer, Westlake always attracts with the brilliant beauty of the sunset along with the scene of diverse activities.


Winding turns under yellow sunlight, cool breeze together with rolling wheels.


An interesting five-color cloud after a rainy afternoon


Young men are playing kayak in the brilliant afternoon


When the afternoon comes, intense sunlight is replaced by gentle and sweet sun beams. A lot of people come here for kayaking.


A cute dog releases heat under the cool water of West Lake.


Apart from walking around the West Lake or kayaking, fishing is also an interesting activity here.


Professional fishermen on West Lake


The red sun as a fire ball is slowly down to the peaceful lake surface.


The brilliant moment of the day with changes of sky background from blue to yellow, then from red to purple

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