A Series of Beautiful Hanoi Images on Nicest Days in Year

Hanoi is in nicest days in year with honey color of sunlight and cool breeze.

Hanoi autumn is coming and it also brings sweet tastes of seasons change. Hanoi autumn has its own beauty that people here always remember and dote on it. The beauty comes from early cool mornings with quiet streets lighted with sunlight, rows of trees are turning into yellow- the color of tropical fall but not bright yellow, orange color of European autumn that are usually found on photo books. Moreover, fall in Hanoi is beautiful with clear blue sky, thin cloud like a girl’s sideburns, or the color of sunshine hanging over ancient walls with vines. But the most interesting thing is probably to ride bicycles on wide and absent streets; the sun shines beautiful sun rays like the sky is pouring honey.

hanoi mua thu1

Rows of trees are turning into yellow

hanoi mua thu5

Clear and deep blue autumn sky

hanoi mua thu8

Bright yellow streets with falling leaves

hanoi mua thu10

The sunlight penetrates tree leaves, creating streaks of sunshine on streets

hanoi mua thu6

Climbing trees on mossy walls

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