A Ceramic Vase Costs Nearly a Billion VND

The product “Long Phung” was drawn with pure gold to describe the lively image of a couple of dragon and phoenix together with a couple of child dragons.


The product Long Phung (dragon and phoenix) is the most expensive one displayed at a showroom of ceramic company Minh Long I, Hanoi. Yellow details are made of 100% pure gold. The product costs nearly one VND billion.


Dragon’s scales covered in pure gold look vivid and strong impressive for those who has visited this showroom.


The vase named Viet’s soul values 315 VND million. The product describes a corner of daily activities of Vietnamese people in the past. Some motifs were covered with real gold.


In addition, showroom also displays a lot of ceramic products which are finely handcrafted.


The precious vase called Cobalt flowers at the price of 95 VND million.


A couple of vases “Hovering” and “red dragonfly” cost 84 VND million. Such these vases are made of ceramic.


A vase “Daisy flower” at the listed price of 63 VND million


The vase named “Peach flowers” costs 66 VND million


The product “colored lotus” at the price of 60 VND million

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