[Hanoi Travel] Coming Winter in Hanoi

The cold weather of Hanoi will start from December and may last until late February, with the average temperature of 17.2 degree. However, sometimes it may drop to below 10 degree, and the high humidity will lend a hand in making the weather bitter cold. Bring some serious warm clothes is necessary, if you do not want to get a cold when visiting a tropical country! Hanoi’s winter is also famous for many delicious street foods which can warm you up in a chilly day.

hanoi-in-coming-winter (3)

Winter in Hanoi

hanoi-in-coming-winter (5)

There are many things in Hanoi winter hard to be said by words

hanoi-in-coming-winter (1)

Dinh cafe

hanoi-coming-winter (2)

The peace of Hanoi winter


Lean on each other’s shoulders

hanoi-in-coming-winter (4)

In winter, a corner of Church street becomes quiet

hanoi-in-coming-winter (6)

Hanoi night in winter

hanoi-in-coming-winter (11)

The winter dyes its color on every corner of Hanoi

hanoi-in-coming-winter (12)

Enjoy hot Thin noodle soup in cold days

hanoi-in-coming-winter (7)

Winter viewed from an old banister in West Lake

hanoi-in-coming-winter (10)

Winter on roads


Girls and boys in Hanoi go to Dinh Liet when the winter comes


A romantic picture of the winter

hanoi-in-coming-winter (8)

A coming winter in Hanoi

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