A Check-in Hanoi Cafe Attracts Youngsters Near And Far

A blue inscription of Hanoi printed on the wall simply seems nothing special but has become a milestone for young people who come to photograph and mark a destination.

Only a small coffee store nested in the alley on Ly Quoc Su, but Hanoi House has become a popular destination for visitors near and far. Some young travelers say that when travelling Hanoi, you must visit here to take a photo with a blue inscription Hanoi on the rough wall at the entrance to the store. It is considered as evidence you’ve set foot in the Old Quarter.

A Check-in Hanoi Cafe Attracts Youngsters Near And Far (1)

Before entering the coffee store, many young visitors did not forget to snap a photo as a souvenir with the word Hanoi on the wall.

Therefore, there are many visitors coming here and taking their favorite pictures. No need to use Facebook to note Check-in Hanoi, just your picture will do that.

After photographing, you will move slowly up the stair and push the door to enter the cafe. The first feeling when entering Hanoi House likes entering an old house with dark colors but is decorated and furnished with very delicate items.

You can choose to sit in the house, upstairs or outside the railing to look down the street. At noon, the cafe is often less guest than afternoon, evening and you will have the opportunity to listen to Hanoi love songs or instrumental music.

A Check-in Hanoi Cafe Attracts Youngsters Near And Far (2)

The pretty antique shop space makes you feel like you are slowing down.

He is a waiter, a shopkeeper and a bartender at the same time. Since entering until leaving, visitors always see the “versatile” owner smile.

If this is your first visit to Hanoi, you can try out some typical drinks like sticky yogurt, egg coffee, etc. An average price of beverage is about VND 25,000 to 40,000.

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