[Backpacking Experience] Tourism Café in Hanoi

Café for backpackers and café for photographers are only two in many café styles in Hanoi.

In Hanoi, there are more and more café shops in a variety of styles. Formerly, the capital only had book café, football café, etc. However, to meet customers’ requirement as well as to show the shopkeeper’s characteristic, café shops with distinct imprints have been sprouted into existence. Today, Hanoi-online introduces you a favorite café style for backpackers.

Tourism Café

Some familiar tourism café shops such as Café National Highway 1, Now Café, etc.


Café National Highway 1


Now Café

Starting from the love for traveling, this kind of café shop usually makes visitors be lost in a new land. Memorial photos from different lands and everything seem to relate to travelling. Even walls and menu are printed with some interesting sentences which make backpacking lovers eager. Many café shops name their drinks in their own way for example: backpacking café, Northwest lemon tea, etc.

Almost customers here are travelling lovers. They come to share stories of their journeys or plan for next journey. Therefore, if you want to travel but hurry for hands-on experience, such these café shops are best places for you.  With friendly and opening characteristics of travelling lovers, you