Hanoi: Crowded With Street Music

With presence of Trung Quan idol and singers of Sao Mai program, the street music program has just reached a desired goal.

At night September 20, in walk street Luong Ngoc Quyen, the street music program of international music Festival Monsoon continues to be organized with participation of famous singers such as: Trung Quan idol, Le Vu Binh, Huyen My.  The program attracts a lot of locals, young people and foreign tourists.

Under hot weather of the late summer, young people and foreign tourists crowd round and cheer enthusiastically. The program brought an impressive night with sweet voice, familiar songs, live music, several guitar, drum, music fans and audiences’ sudden inspiration.

The program is contributed with street music band Sign In, presence of “Rain Prince” Trung Quan, then Sao Mai singers like Le Vu Binh and Tran Huyen My, both show professional voice and familiar performing style. However, the most interesting event is when audiences participated in and sing which create close moments and sudden inspiration.

trung quan idol

Trung Quan Idol sang as his best

sao mai singer le vu binh

Top 12 of Sao Mai music program- Le Vu Binh

tran huyen my

Top 5 of Sao Mai music program- Tran Huyen My

crowded customer

Audiences crowd round

The street music program continues to organize on two days: Saturday and Sunday (from September 27 to September 28, 2014)

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