Discovering Hanoi’s History Through Hanoi Museum

Apart from famous destinations such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Old Quarter, the Temple of Literature, etc., Hanoi museum is must for tourists who expect to discover the capital via thousand years of history.


Hanoi museum viewed from outside

Located on Pham Hung street, near National Conference Center, Hanoi museum is one of important constructions on occasion of 1,000 year Thang Long- Hanoi.

With campus area of over 50,000 square meters and 12.000 square meters of land construction, this is the largest and most modern museums in the country. From a distance, Hanoi Museum makes strong impression with a unique architectural design like an upside down pyramid.

The museum has six floors, in which four is on the ground and two is underground. The area of floors is gradually narrowed from top to bottom.

cot rong bach thao

Right from the entrance, tourists will admire “Dragon Pillar”- a big lamp lights up in the middle of room with outstanding solemn dragon images.


First floor is used to display ceramic items and souvenir shops.


A handmade embroidered painting with theme “Wish for thousand years of Thang Long”

The second floor is a Hanoi miniature with pictures and paintings about Hanoi, map of Thang Long citadel, Dong Son cultural area.


Dong Son brass drum- a cultural symbol of Vietnamese people

Going to Hanoi museum, visitors also have opportunity to admire the antiques collected from all parts of the country.


Pictures of Hanoi girls in the past

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