Ba Dinh Square- The Heart of Hanoi Capital

quang truong ba dinh

Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam, Ba Dinh square is the heart of Hanoi. Here took place important events of the capital and the whole country. In the past, it was the west gate of the old Hanoi citadel. French colonial destroyed it into a small flower garden called rounded point. In 1945, it was named Ba Dinh flower garden. The words Ba Dinh is to recall a land Ba Dinh in Thanh Hoa province where took place the uprising against French colonials lasting from early September, 1886 to January, 1887.

The square witnessed hundreds of people participating in the Independence Ceremony on September 2, 1945. On September 9, 1969, six days after President Ho’s death, in this Square, capital residents together with locals and 34 international delegates attended the solemn memorial service for Hero of national liberation and Great man of culture.

Today, the main side of the square is Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. In front of the mausoleum is a vast space of 320 meters in long and 100 meters in wide, it is enough for 200 thousand people. The square has 168 forever-green grass squares. In the middle of the square is the Flag tower. Ba Dinh square becomes a sacred space to Hanoi capital.

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