Chicken wrapped in banana leaf and lotus leaf at Hoang Quoc Viet


ga khong loi thoat

Recently, chicken dishes processed as style of countryside or rural people are preferred. Dinners may hear some strange dishes such as: no exit chicken, clay wrapped chicken, sticky rice wrapped chicken, etc.

With the strength is delicious and attractive at first look and at first smell. It is happy and interesting to enjoy and suitable for a group of 3 or more dinners. The price is affordable because its simple ingredients. This kind of dish easily win customers’ praise including office employees and families who like gathering.

The chicken wrapped in leaf is quite “hot” but it is not easy to become a “popular good”. In Hanoi, just few restaurants serve this specialty. Of those, My Son restaurant is located in Nguyen Hong street. Although the restaurant is not in the vanguard of this dish, no sooner have the shop owner decided to add the dish into menu: clay wrapped chicken, sticky rice wrapped chicken, etc. than quickly win Hanoians’ satisfaction.

Seeing the potential and demands of customers, the owner of My Son restaurant opened another branch name Trang An restaurant at Hoang Quoc Viet at the short time. The menu here focuses on famous dishes of restaurant that is highly appreciated by customers.

The dish sticky rice wrapped chicken with banana leaves is called with a pretty name “no exit for chicken”. The chicken is “arrested” in a silver paper, then a layer of lotus leaves and finally fragrant sticky rice. The fat from chicken meat draws in the soft flexible sticky rice and stuffed with buttery taste of lotus seeds. It is no surprise when dinners are easy to addict this dish, especially in the cool rainy days.

Cai Bang chicken dish

ga cai bang

Unlike “no exit for chicken” dish, “Chicken Cai Bang” is wrapped in banana leaves, next covered with clay and then baked. When the dish is “operated” to serve customers, it spreads a can-not-resist odor. Without sticky rice but a set of “Ga Cai Bang” is added with a fried sticky rice cake dipped with shrimp paste. Hence, with the same price 400,000 dong, both dishes is highly appreciated in terms of attraction.

Address: Trang An restaurant, 106 Hoang Quoc Viet street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi

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