Delicious eel dishes at Hoang Ngoc Phach


luon xuc banh da

The restaurant at Hoang Ngoc Phach is not luxurious, it just is a restaurant for commoners with price about  60,000 dong/ dish. If dinners come in group, each just spends less than 100,000 dong to enjoy full specialties of Nghe An province. And the important thing is that all dishes win customers’ satisfaction.

The shop’s menu is various with mixed, fried dishes, soup, gruel, etc. But you can not miss three dishes: eel with roasted rice cake, eel cake rolled with piper lolot, eel cooked with green banana and tofu. Such these dishes are drawn by loyal customers here.

The dish eel with roasted rice cake is best suitable as an appetizer. Unlike a dish of mussel with roasted rice cake, this dish attract customers more. The eel is big enough to make sure thick tender meat, served with Vietnamese cilantro and spicy flavor of people from central provinces. Break roasted rice cake into small pieces, then shovel processed eel and dip delicious sauce. Most dinners addict this dish.

The eel cake wrapped piper lolot is enjoyed in another way. The eel is cut into pieces, each piece is accompanied with a soft buttery piece of green banana, then wrapped in piper lolot to be fried. The patty is sweet inside and crispy outside, good seasonings.

luon om chuoi dau

In particular, the dish eel with banana and tofu usually ordered by loyal customers. The restaurant is highly appreciated because each set is all full of eel with price from 100, 000 to 120, 000 dong but it is enough for 5 or 6 people. Abundant banana and tofu together with tasty soup, this dish is deserved well and the main dish of restaurant. Only one notice when enjoying this dish is that dinners should not eat in too long time because it will reduce the appetite and value of the dish.

Address: 101 C5 Hoang Ngoc Phach street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

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