Enjoying Roasted Rice Cake in the Middle of Hanoi


To be called as “pizza” of Da Lat, the roasted rice cake has more variations when it appears in Hanoi but still keeps its own features.

The roasted rice cake is a popular dish of residents in the central area, Highlands, especially in Da Lat. However, in Hanoi, to a number of people, the dish is still strange.

banh trang nuong 1

Round and tough rice cakes are carefully selected to ensure quality

On a rainy afternoon in summer, rambling in Hanoi streets, suddenly, you catch an image of a vendor who quickly spins cakes on hot fire. The favor of egg and onion spreads its fragrance, with a quick look; it likes a colorful and attractive pizza. That is roasted rice cakes, a dish you can eat full without being tired of.

The roasted rice cake has simple ingredients of big rice cakes (used to wrap spring rolls) that will be roasted on charcoal fire, and then covered a layer of egg and onion, together with minced meat, sausage and shredded chicken meat and we already have a fragrant roasted rice cake to enjoy. However, to have a delicious cake in right tastes and nice looking, it requires skill and meticulosity.

banh trang nuong 2

The roasted rice cake: easy to enjoy, easy being addicted and unforgettable flavor

At first, people put the cake on charcoal fire, then cover with a thin layer of egg on the cake’s surface. The cake maker skillfully spins the cake to bake it from outside circles to the center, the important thing is to bake it well- done but not over cooked. You may also add onion and dried small shrimps.

But to make a cake as “pizza” style, after covering with the egg layer, the maker quickly just spin the cake just sprinkle the cake’s surface with dried shrimps, sausage, dried beef, minced meat, shredded chicken meat, etc. depending on customers’ requirements. After all, sprinkled with sliced Vietnamese mint that is kind of typical herb make the cake a distinct flavor.

banh trang nuong 3

                            Price: 10,000-15,000 VND/ unit

When being enjoyed, the cake is served with chili and tomato sauce. The chili sauce is the highlight point for each stall.

You can enjoy the cake in Hanoi at 1A Medical University, Hang Tre street or entrance of Hanoi Commercial University. Apart from enjoying the cake, you can order other street food such as: mixed rice cake, cheese, fish ball, beef ball, sausage, fermented spring roll, etc.

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