Vincom Village- Good Earth for Birds to Land

It does not need to go far away or visit Sydney where is famous for beautiful birds living on every streets, just about 10 minutes driving from Hanoi city, you will come to a peaceful and fresh area where you can contemplate and listen birdsongs. That is Vincom Village- a peaceful and beautiful ecology urban.


After wintering and when buds start sprouting and welcoming sunlight of early summer is the time birds from other places find to the peaceful place. On every morning, they fly in flocks, stop in the tops of trees and sing beautifully. Then, they land to green grass near cool lake to play and relax:


Unlike blackbirds, they fly in flocks:


Silver-eared Mesia usually fly in couples:


And to be bold when near people:


It is not only a place “Good earth for birds to land”, But Vincom Village is also is a luxurious and beautiful riverside ecology urban which is a settlement for successful businessmen. After opening and putting into operation complexes such as Vincom trade center Long Bien, Vincharm Spa Long Bien, International University Maple Bear, luxury offices, BBQ grill garden, outside sport area, etc., Vincom Village daily welcomes thousands of visitors. Villas in Bang Lang area also welcomes first residents.




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