Crab Cake Soup with Red Rice Noodles “Super clean” at Trieu Viet Vuong


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Where the restaurant serves the crab cake soup is located in Trieu Viet Vuong street. The shop has opened for 2 years and known as a truly Hai Phong food shop. Here serves Hai Phong crap cake soup, seasonable vegetables, piper lolot cake, fresh shrimp, pork patties, mackerel fish cake, black mushroom, etc. that all make the dish more plentiful and eye-catching. Moreover, if looking carefully, you will see that the strands of red rice noodles are thinner, softer, tougher. According to the chef of this shop the  red rice noodles are delivered from Hai Phong.

banh da cua

In addition, many dinners estimate the shop as one of the most polite and clean shops serving crab cake soup in Hanoi. Because you can see this kind of food everywhere in gross sidewalks. Therefore, the way to design a cozy, polite and aesthetic An Bien restaurant satisfies difficult customers, gourmets, especially office staffs and young families. With good service but the price is affordable about 30, 000- 35, 000 dong/ common bowl,  45,000 dong with full of additional dishes. It is worth spending compared to street food shops.

An Bien restaurant is confident with their clean crab source. Coming here, customers will see the certificate of clean crab issued by Food Safety and Hygiene Department. The certificate is framed and hung in the best location of the shop. however, if you are gourmets, you will not need this certificate because you can realize the high quality crab by your experience.

For example, in several restaurants, it is easy to realize that crab meat is usually in black or brown black color and crab soup tastes acrid. It is a sign of the crab that was infected or alum. Or in some places the crab has white color and then form quite hard crab meat and crumbly tastes when eating; it proved that it is not only real crab but tofu for fake color. Particularly in An Bien shop, crab soup has lighter color, sometimes in light red color while fried with cashew nuts. You also clearly felt the crab meat here tasty and aromatic flavor, but not greasy because of the clean fresh crab.

The shop maybe the first restaurant in Hanoi  is issued certificate of clean crab. Therefore, if you love the dish:  crab cake soup, An Bien shop is an ideal place for you.

Address: 168A, Trieu Viet Vuong street, Hanoi city.

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