Fragrant Scent of Milk Flowers in Hanoi

Milk flowers are traditional symbol of Hanoi’s autumn. There’re many songs and that mention their charming fragrance. Walking along Hanoi’s streets and besides its lakes, you breathe in the beautifully sweet fragrance of Hoa Sua, or Milk Flowers. The streets where milk flower abound such as Phan Dinh Phung and Hoang Hoa Tham, and the National University’s campus are covered with beautiful cloaks of white when the season of milk flowers returns.


On every occasion of autumn, Hanoi is covered with intense scent of milk flowers. The white color of milk flowers appearing on every corner of Hanoi streets really makes people here seethe.


When it comes to the milk flowers, people think about a fragrant Hanoi on every occasion of autumn.


Then, this kind of flower comes into poems in forever sonatas of the late composer Trinh Cong Son: “Hanoi in autumn, the autumn of Hanoi, the season of milk flowers, the fragrant scent in the wind, etc.”


Quang Trung street, Nguyen Du road, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tran Duy Hung, Duy Tan, etc. are nice streets in Hanoi on every season of milk flower bloom.


The scent of milk flowers is described fragrant if they are planted in moderate density and very strong scent if planted in high density.


Milk flower trees line the streets, perfuming the night air and creating an area of romance for young couples out on a date. Hanoians say when the milk flowers are in bloom, it’s the best time to visit the capital city.

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