Ngoc Ha Traditional Flower Village


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Hanoians like flowers. Flowers spread their aroma in ancient houses, blossom in baskets of flower venders, on hands of girls, etc. On occasion of New Year Holiday, when sweet songs of spring are sung, the memory of Ngoc Ha flowers comes back.

The name Ngoc Ha has long mentioned in poems and songs. Coming to Ngoc Ha on a day of late autumn, we expect to find distant memories of the truest picture of a flower village and the lives of those who dedicated their whole life to cultivate the beauty. However, seniors who are deeply attached with floriculture are as few as autumn leaves.

Mr. Tran Nguyen Bo, a perennial flower grower, said Ngoc Ha residents in the past grew a wide variety of beautiful flowers. At that time, going through Ngoc Ha entrance, flowers were blossoming on two sides. Visiting Ngoc Ha seemed to be lost in “flower nation” with various flowers: rose, lily, orchid, etc. and rare flowers such as: pensée flower, gladiolus flower, calla lily, carnation, etc. No matter what road you went, you just saw flowers after flowers.

The spiral of trade and market mechanisms have been awfully taken place, it is reason why the Ngoc Ha flower itself has been languished over time, Ngoc Ha village sell flower land to build villas. High-rise supermarkets replace flower fields.

At present, few locals are still attached with the traditional floriculture. Names as Nguyen Van Lun, Tran Nguyen Bo, Tran Minh are honored by Ngoc Ha locals with their pride and respect. They are remaining precious pearls of an ancient heyday.

They and their grandchildren continue cultivating flowers and attach with this hard- working career, just wish to preserve an elegant hobby of thousand- year Thang Long.

There are some families cultivating a kind of flowers. Floriculture is not only a career to earn money, but also is an elegant hobby of locals here. Ngoc Ha villagers are in the habit of keeping the most beautiful flowers to enjoy after a hard working day.

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