Grass Weaving Craft Village In Luu Thuong

One day to discover Luu Thuong village, Phuc Tuc commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi, tourists have chance to witness procedures for producing exquisite products made of grass here.

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Located 40 km from Hanoi city, Luu Thuong village, Phuc Tuc commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi has long been famous for the craft of weaving grass of more than 400 years.

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First time, Luu Thuong villagers split grass to supply other locals and neighboring districts. However, there was much demand more and more on grass products, several households here promoted manufacturing and produced more creative and beautiful products.

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Visiting Luu Thuong at any time in week, tourists easily meet images of combing grass of the elderly here.

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Normally, to make a complete product, each maker usually has to complete several steps as wash grass,

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dry grass,

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White dye grass

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Or spray for more eye-catching.

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Complete products are dried under Northern sunlight.

This is a traditional craft village that specializes in manufacturing export products to Europe, America, Japan, etc. and a part for domestic consumption. Despite economic downturn, such these products are stably produced. The important thing is that products are made by skillful hands of craftsmen and friendly environmental materials which are always attractive for consumers.

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