Zone 9 Version 2 For Young Hanoi People

Between the messy and sprawling, a new play area but familiar for the Hanoi youth named X98 is entering the final stage together with the eager expectation of the youth.

At this afternoon, the information that Zone 9 coming back has caused curiosity and interest to the youth. However, the name and address of the famous entertainment complex in Hanoi is changed into X98 and located on Hoang Cau street.


Final stages are quickly completed at X98.

In the coming back time, old co-founders of Zone 9 still build X98 as a full service space in the heart of the capital including beer shops, wine shops, fashion shops, Japanese restaurants, cafes, etc.

Another familiar thing to the Zone 9 is that X98 is also built on a foundation of deserted old factory. Mossy walls and dusty spaces once again become a promised land of art lovers.

The new trend is free to be tested at X98. Here, you will easily see simple impressive and innovative architecture that is characteristic of Zone 9 everywhere. Each store has its own color, a different style, and promises to once again get the love of the young in Hanoi.

X89 2

Creative space at X98

However, drawing lesson from Zone 9 construction, X98 is built on the principle of maximum safety to avoid any rare accident. Since the Zone 9 has decided to shut down (December, 2013), the young Hanoi again has a new place to show their creativity and express their own passions.

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