Hanoi Decorated With Red Flags For Celebration of Communist Party of Vietnam

Many activities are taking place for the spring celebration of 85-year anniversary of the establishment of Communist Party of Vietnam. The streets of the capital were decorated with red color of national flags.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (1)

National flags and party flags in red blend with the color of cherry blossoms on Hanoi streets.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (2)

85- Year anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam: Feb 3, 1930 – Feb 3, 2015.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (3)

A large lotus flower is decorated in the area of the State Bank of Vietnam on the anniversary of the establishment of Communist Party of Vietnam.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (4)

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (5)

At Culture House 45 Trang Tien Street, the exhibition “85 years under the glorious flag of the Party” with over 100 beautiful photographs marking the resplendent history under the leadership of the Party.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (7)

The images celebrate the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (8)

Dien Bien Phu is decorated for happy New Year and celebration of the Party.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (9)

National flags on the capital streets.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (10)

The house at 90 Hang Nhuom street where the first General Secretary of the Party Tran Phu drafted a “Theses on bourgeois revolution of civil rights” in 1930.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (11)

Inside the house Tran Phu worked.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (12)

The house at No. 5D Ham Long Street, in the last days of March 1929, was a place for comrades Ngo Gia Tu, Nguyen Duc Canh, Nguyen Phong Sac, Tran Van Cung, etc. to hold meetings and reach the conclusion to establish the first Party cell in Hanoi.

Communist-Party-of-Vietnam (14)

Simple meeting tables in the house No. 5D Ham Long street.

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