Mia pagoda and The Most Beautiful Ancient Statues Of Vietnam

Son Tayi is a town of Hanoi. It has many well-known historical – cultural scenery such as Dong Mo lake, Son Tay ancient citadel, Duong Lam ancient village, Den Va festival, and especially Mia pagoda. As one of the 10 oldest temples in Vietnam, Mia pagoda has many most beautiful statues of Vietnam.

Mia pagoda (also known as Sung Nghiem temple) is located in Duong Lam commune, Son Tay Town, Ha Noi. The temple is considered to store most art statues in Vietnam (287 statues).

Sitting silently on the stone benches inside Mia pagoda and listening to the temple bell echoes.

It is one of highlights of National relic complex- Duong Lam ancient village and is one of the famous tourist attractions of the capital Hanoi, attracting large amounts of tourists.

Mia-pagoda (2)

Duong Lam Village Gate

Mia-pagoda (12)

The temple has precious wooden pillars of hundreds of years old.

Mia-pagoda (14)

Statue of Dharmapala

Mia-pagoda (15)

Vajrapani statues on the left

Mia-pagoda (16)

Arhat statues on the right

Mia-pagoda (17)

Tuyet Son statue in Mia pagoda

Mia-pagoda (18)

Guan Yin statue

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