Hanoi Food On Rainy Days: Bun Cha

Each part in the territory of Vietnam has its unique cuisine and its own appeal. Hanoi is also not excepted. They are not luxurious cuisines but bring appetite appeal to Hanoi people and make diners from all parts of the country addicted. It is the flavor of homeland!

Bun Cha (Grilled Pork Balls with Vermicelli)

Bun Cha is a food of the northern part of Vietnam, but most popular in Hanoi. Such this food is familiar to noodles with grilled pork meat in the central and southern Vietnam, but the dipping sauce is described with gentle taste which caused nostalgia for Hanoi people who are far away from their hometown.

bun-cha-hanoi (1)

Hanoi bun cha- the further you go the more you miss.

Bun cha has two types: pork balls and pork pieces. They are grilled on coat fire. Grilled pork meat is served with vermicelli and raw vegetable. The dish is served in two bowls: one for vermicelli and the other for dipping sauce together with grilled pork balls, green carrot, papaya, etc.

bun-cha-hanoi (2)

Fragrant grilled pork balls

To enjoy the dish Hanoi bun cha, tourists could visit bun cha booths at Dac Kim, Hang Manh street; Duy Diem bun cha, Sinh Tu bun cha, etc.

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