Hanoi Tourism- Unforgettable Unique Thing in the Old Quarter


It may be far different compared to your imagination, but when stepping in and catching an ancient Hanoi, interesting and full of energy, you will love the city at first sight. It is not as hustle at night as in Bangkok, also is not as busy as Tokyo, Hanoi covers its own color with the history of over 4,000 years.

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The most delicious coffee in the world: filter coffee combined with yogurt and coconut milk at Café Plus!

The hustle Old Quarter with motorbikes, busy street corners and sidewalk stalls create a unforgettable and unique Hanoi. A lot of places to see, many things to do and various dishes to taste, a trip in Hanoi will bring you restful moments.

Accommodation in Hanoi

After considering suggestions from our friends, we chose Sofitel Metropole hotel- a luxury hotel and we all like it. There are many other choices but no where has appealing space and ancient style of France like the hotel. I feel like I am touching Paris in the middle of Hanoi.

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                                      Metropole Hotel is really ancient and marvelous.

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                                    Tea/ chocolate cake buffet in Metropole Hanoi

Shopping in Hanoi

The Old Quarter: most convenient shopping place in Hanoi, you will find a lot of silver jewelries in Hang Bac street, textile products and home appliance in Hang Trong street, cloth in Hang Gai street, Salted dry apricot in Hang Duong street, etc.

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                       A woman vends fruits in street/ a poster shop at Hang Bac street

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                                    You can find any kind of shop in the Old Quarter

Tan Mu Design: it is not simple as a fashion shop, Tan My Design is considered as a true art space of “made in Vietnam” with traditional embroidery and silk. Coming to Hanoi, do not forget to visit Hang Gai street to buy a beautiful set in Tan My style.

Dong Xuan market: the biggest market in the Old Quarter Hanoi with the age of hundred of years. The busy market is an ideal place to find cheap jewelries.

Daily Market: this is a small market in the Southern Old Quarter and famous for supplying various kind of cloth from common to luxury. If you have time to go around the market and visit small tailor shops, you are able to select some nice fabric samples, and then design them into bags or lovely wallets that can not be found elsewhere.

pho co 6

                                                       a tailor shop in Hom market

Chie Handmade: There are a lot of art and craft Asian shops around the Old Quarter and most of them usually look same in terms of materials, models, etc. However, if you visit Chie Handmade at 49 Hang Trong street by accident, you will see distinct design here. They have fashion accessories and interior decorations with traditional pattern of northwest ethnic group.

pho co 7

                                Shopping in Hang Gai street and Hang Dieu street

pho co 8

                                                  Shopping in Hang Bac street

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