Kinds of Porridge Help to Reduce Heat in Hanoi Summer


Cool coconut ice cream or various and attractive dishes at Dao Duy Tu street will considerably reduce the heat of summer days.

Hanoi Old Quarter has long been famous for its diversity. At any time, go through busy and hustle streets, tourists easily find attractive foods that are typical for each street.

Caramel in Hàng Than street


Caramel in Hang Than street has harmonic sweetness. Price: 7,000 VND

Regarding Hang Than, a lot of people will right away think about famous caramel and vice versa, when talking to caramel, they think about Hang Than street as an immutable address to enjoy.

The reason why caramel Hang Than attracts a lot of dinners is the tasty and greasy flavor and the scent of coffee that you can not find elsewhere. In addition, caramel is also famous for the softness, cool sweetness and various menus. Tourists coming here can order a dish of traditional caramel or other modern caramel such as: caramel with fruit, red sticky rice or with yogurt, etc.

Coconut Ice Cream Hang Than

kem dua

                                 A fruit of coconut ice cream costs 45,000 VND

Hang Than street also has cool coconut ice cream- an effective food to reduce heat in hot summer days. This is made by placing ice cream inside a coconut with good-looking decoration. Inside fresh coconut fruit, the seller cleverly place freshly prepared ice cream into then sprinkle a little grated coconut, crushed peanuts, chocolate sauce and a cinnamon stick. The coconut ice cream is attractive to dinners at first sight because of the coolness as start enjoying. Fresh cream together with chocolate sauce and grated coconut form a perfect flavor that make dinners want to enjoy many times.

Fruit Beams Tô Tịch

hoa qua dam

                        Fruits are already arranged in cups with price 15,000 VND

Just 100 meters long, but To Tich street has tens of different shops and always crowd of customers.

Fruit beams here are simply processed. They just include available materials on summer such as: watermelon, pineapple plum, etc. but thanks to skillful processing, such these shops always attract a lot of customers. Fresh fruits are cleanly washed, then cut into pieces, mixed with milk, coconut milk and grated ice to make a delicious cup of fruit beams. Hence, dinners can quickly get a cold cup of fruit beam to drive the summer heat away.

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