Peaceful Hanoi In Early Days Of Autumn

When trees’ leaves turn into yellow and street vendors of green stick rice appear in every corner street of Hanoi, it signals a new season. It is a peaceful Hanoi in early days of autumn.

Visiting Hanoi in these days, tourists will recognize a peaceful feeling on each alley. Autumn brings people many emotions that are hard to explain.

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Green stick rice has long been a typical dish of Hanoi autumn.

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It may be said that Hanoi is most beautiful in autumn with unique characteristics that mark deeply in local people’s heart. Taking a stroll and a deep breath in an early morning on a street of Old Quarter is a should- try experience.

Sometimes, rains come and go suddenly. And then, streets begin tranquil. Sitting in Dinh café or Xoan café, you will recognize the ancient smell of these old cafés.

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Hanoi autumn is also described with rows of Hoa Sua (Milk flowers) or street vendors of green stick rice. Spending an afternoon to drive around West Lake, cool breeze together with fragrant Hoa Sua scent will be unforgettable feelings.

In cool afternoon, tourists are able to walk on Phan Dinh Phung street, Hoang Dieu street or Tran Hung Dao street to feel the cool atmosphere and breeze that can remove all daily worries.

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Streets full of yellow leaves shall save memorable moments.

Tourists also can drink iced tea at Church Street and enjoy bustling atmosphere that cannot find elsewhere. Just to rush hours, when the sea of vehicles is crowded on streets, the sound of church bell likes a cool breeze blowing your mind.

Enjoying a bowl of lotus sweet soup or a piece of green stick rice on a changing season will help you feel the whole new season. The most favorite dish is lotus seed and logan sweet soup on Thien Quang street or Hang Bac street.

There are a lot of interesting things in Hanoi autumn for discovering. You will see a gentle and peaceful Hanoi.

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