Hanoi: Valentine Spring 2015 in West Lake

Valentine’s Day (February 14) has become a very significant holiday for couples around the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. And Valentine is not limited only for the youth but also can be for everyone in many different ages. On this day, almost young people find entertainment space to play with friends. Valentine 2015 takes place near Tet Holiday; hence, a lot of people expect to take part in trade fairs, amusement parks, festivals, etc. The Valentine’s festival this year will be held on 13 and 14 February 2015 with the theme: Valentine Festival Spring 2015.


The content of the festival include:

1. Spring and Flower Fair with the participation of companies of exhibition, marketing and product introduction.

2. Festival of love bubble with the creative and interesting performances of blowing bubbles.

3. Visiting garden VALENTINE 2015, Flower Festival, mainly roses and orchids.

4. The contest of eating, drink and teambuilding for all ages. It shall be held from 2 pm to 5 pm on 13th and 14th of February, 2015.

5. Music Festival, singing, dancing with the theme Happy New Year.

6. Festival COCKTAIL with the companionship of Halico.

7. Art performance programs will introduce all kinds of traditional instruments, love music and DJ.

8. The organizers create 20 creative picture size 1m x1.2m with themes Love and Spring.


Valentine Festival Spring 2015

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