Hanoi: 5 Coffee and Fast Food Shops As Beautiful As Ones In Western Part 2

There are more and more well-designed shops that make both teen and office staffs in Hanoi fascinated.

4. Cora Café

The famous Cora Cafe in Hanoi is not only a familiar gathering place near the center, but also a place for taking photo of fashion magazines or a meeting place for fans of young singers. Cool green space makes customers overwhelmed and excited. The wall space is decorated with typography or unique green grass carpets.

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Cora has plenty of space, first floor with outdoor tables for smoking people, inside have many small tables for purposes of relaxing and resting with various round tables, low chairs for your group, couples; chairs with cushions.

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To bring comfort for customers, the owner has arranged a system of fake trees after glass door and inside the shop which make diners feel like being in a green park. The wooden spiral staircase leads to the 2nd floor.

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The shop’s area is very wide, divided into two floors, each floor has capacity of 70-80 people.

Address: 24 Hoa Ma street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi

5. RuNam Cafe

As a famous new brand in Ho Chi Minh City, when appearing in Hanoi, RuNam Cafe has attracted plenty of attention. RuNam is described a luxurious and noble style as well as extremely meticulous in arranging furnishings.

coffee-and-fast-food-shops (5)

Strange pavement makes sense of novelty.

coffee-and-fast-food-shops (4)

RuNam cafe is 24 famous for big bookcases and located at number 13 Church street.

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