Four Unforgettable Rustic Dishes in Tam Dao

Not only beautiful natural scenery, Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc) is also known for many well-known specialties.

The air here is always cool and fresh, Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc) has long been an ideal resort of Hanoi people every weekend. Because just over an hour away from Hanoi, through winding roads from the foothill to the top, visitors can relax in a charming scenery which is compared as Da Lat of the North. Tourists shall not miss out specialties here and buy it as gifts.

1. Chayote shoots

Unforgettable-Rustic-Dishes-Tam-Dao (2)

Thanks to the cool weather, chayote shoots here are described long and deep green.

In early morning, people in Tam Dao harvest chayote shoots. Bunches of young chayote shoots are sold everywhere. This dish is fried with garlic; it is delicious in cold days. It costs only VND 25,000 for a full plate.

2. Bamboo Shoots

Unforgettable-Rustic-Dishes-Tam-Dao (1)

In addition, bamboo shoots are added with vinegar, garlic, and chili for a long day. It is a famous gift for tourists.

3. Chicken Hill

Unforgettable-Rustic-Dishes-Tam-Dao (1)

Chicken meat here is very fragrant and firm. It is usually boiled and served with sliced lemon leaves salt. It costs about VND 250,000- 300,000 /chicken.

4. Wine from Chit Worms


Considered to be one of the precious medicines, Chit grubs look like silk worm but smaller and usually harvested on the season of Chit trees.  Chit worms are collected and kept in rice wine about 2 months. This kind of wine has fair yellow color, very eye-catching and nutritious.

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