Highlands Coffee- A Chain Of Coffee in Wonderful Locations

At the capital of Vietnam, Highlands Coffee are situated in wonderful locations such as Flag Tower, Opera House, Hanoi tower, the building “Shark’s  jaw” near Hoan Kiem lake, etc.

high-land-cofee (4)

The coffee bar in the chain Highlands at Hanoi Flag Tower is situated on Dien Bien Phu street. Highland Coffee is a brand of Vietnam but the design and service are similar to foreign ones.

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The area for customers and parking is located on the campus of Vietnam Military History Museum.

high-land-cofee (7)

In the campus of Opera House, Highlands Coffee has a wide space- garden style.

high-land-cofee (6)

For those who love airy and luxurious space in Hanoi, this place is a good idea.

high-land-cofee (11)

In Hanoi, staffs still serve menu and drinks for customers. But in Saigon, the service model is “paid and receive drinks at the counter”.

high-land-cofee (1)

In Hanoi, Highlands also open a lot of branches at trade centers and high buildings. In the picture is a bar in Hanoi tower on Hai Ba Trung street.

high-land-cofee (3)

Its furniture at the Hanoi tower is used with salon and soft cushions.

high-land-cofee (2)

In a quiet space, customers feel comfortable to work and chat with friends.

high-land-cofee (8)

The lowest coffee price is vnd 29,000 that is served in a big glass with a tube.

high-land-cofee (12)

Highlands at the building “Shark’s Jaw” near Hoan Kiem lake is also situated in a nice location.

high-land-cofee (9)

Customers drinking coffee here can behold Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem lake.

high-land-cofee (10)

The airy, harmonic and colorful décor of Highlands in Hoan Kiem lake.

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