Lang Vong Green Sticky Rice- Autumn’s Special Nosh



Lang Vong green sticky rice is one of most delicious specialties in Hanoi, fragrance of green rice and lotus leaves and sweetness of young rice.

Lang Vong green sticky rice always brings fresh and cool feeling in autumn afternoons on every Hanoi streets.

In late autumn, when light sun rays spread over every corner of Hanoi, it is also late season of lotus flowers. On streets of Hanoi, you will hear familiar street cries of green sticky rice or can also come across a beauty with simple dishes that you can not find elsewhere.

When it comes to green sticky rice, people usually mention to Lang Vong. And talking about Hanoi autumn, people will mention the flavor of green sticky rice with the fresh fragrance of nature: sticky rice, lotus leaves, etc. which create distinct cultural beauties.

For delicious grains of green rice, it requires meticulous stages: most important material is rice, and suitable time to harvest that get flexible rice. The stage of screening rice is decisive one to sort green sticky rice: for the first screening, thin and small grains of rice as tamarind leaves come first, then called tamarind leaf green sticky rice, this kind of green rice is used for makers’ family only.

The second screening also produces a little green rice. The final screening produces fragrant and round grains of rice that are used for sale on every corner of Hanoi.

The brand of Lang Vong green rice has long been well-known. Green rice makers also vary it into other specialties such as: green rice cake, green rice ball, green rice congee, etc. and other dishes. All is delicious, plastic and has distinct flavor makes visitors hard to refrain. Most special thing is that, the green rice cake has long gone to Vietnamese custom and culture, which is always placed in a tray as wedding presents, a cultural beauty of the ancient Vietnamese people.

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