Lang basil – The Essence of Hanoi People


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No one knows when exact Lang basil has appeared in the land of capital because of its famous delicious taste.

Lang basil, also known as herbs, it has a cool scent, a specialty of Lang village, and often appears in popular feast of Hanoi people. Thus right from the ancient times, basil Lang has been profuse in Hanoi people’s praise.

Indeed, Lang basil grown in the soil of Lang village has a unique flavor that can not be found elsewhere. Because Lang basil has thick leaves and cool faint fragrance. If Lang basil is grown other places, leaves are thinner and smell pungent aroma.

Lang basil is famous in Lang village

To feel the taste of Lang basil, eaters have to eat slowly. However, to distinguish Lang basil grown in Lang village with basil grown in other places, only gourmets can do it.

Lang basil is appropriate with lots of stir fried dishes, cooking or eaten as raw vegetables. With stir-fried and cooked dishes, Lang savory has become an important condiment creating the scent of the dish. If lack of this spice, the dish shall miss its distinct taste and fragrance: a bowl of noodle soup without Lang basil will be no longer attractive or to instant noodle, just adds a few stalks of Lang basil, it becomes extremely delicious.

Lang basil is usually served with other raw vegetables: lettuce, cilantro, mint vegetables, marjoram, etc. and it is also served with noodle soups, cooked fish, boiled fish, etc.

To Hanoi people, Lang basil is the familiar specialty in their every daily meal. And in summer hot days, Lang basil usually contributes to bowls of noodle soup, crab noodle, fried tofu with shrimp paste or tomato sauce, etc.

So, on the occasion of spring festivals, the Lang people warmly welcome their familiar guests to come to purchase their famous bunches of herbs in the Lang village.

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