Top Three Street Food: Cheap in Saigon but Expensive in Hanoi

Many people usually think that Saigon people have to pay high price for street food in Hanoi; however, actually there are some dishes as expensive as it should be.

Sugarcane Juice

nuoc mia 2

For those who have never come Hanoi will be surprised with the price of sugarcane juice here. If in Saigon, a glass of sugarcane juice costs VND 3,000-5,000/glass, in common shops in Hanoi, it costs VND 20,000-50,000. Because in Hanoi, the rate of material is higher than in Saigon, a sugarcane costs about VND 13,000 but in Saigon just only VND 5,000.


hai san

If in Saigon, just walking around, you can find all lists of snail eateries with the price range from VND 30,000/dish, or some place discount with VND 20,000/dish, in Hanoi, that price is impossible.  For more “luxurious” dishes such as: shrimp, crabs, oysters, etc., only in popular snail eateries in Hanoi, it costs about VND 50,000.

Although recently, the price of snails in Hanoi has lightly decreased and appeared some cheap eateries, it is still much higher than one in Saigon.

Mixed Rice Paper Salad

banh trang tron

Mixed rice paper salad is a typical dish of Saigon young people with affordable price of VND 10,000-15,000/ course. However, when this dish is “imported” to Hanoi, it is raised with new price VND 20,000-40,000. It is not served in plastic bags as in Saigon; in Hanoi, it is served with other ingredients and placed in boxes or plastic bowls which look more hygiene.

Apart from mentioned dishes, there are many dishes that are much different in price such as: bread, steak, noodle soup, etc. and ice tea.

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