Overwhelmed With Purple Color Of Cleome Spinosa Spider Flowers Near West Lake

The purple color of Cleome Spinosa Spider flowers has recently captivated a lot of young people.

Cleome-Spinosa-Spider-Flowers (1)

Immense flower carpet

On coming Tet holiday, instead of visiting familiar places, young Hanoi people have another choice for the flower valley nearby West Lake. In summer, this was a lotus pond and then it is planted such these flowers to meet those who love photographing.

Cleome-Spinosa-Spider-Flowers (2)

Multicolored flower valley attracts foreign tourists.

In this year, the new flower- Cleome Spinosa Spider flowers are warmly welcomed. Near purple flowers, there are yellow rape flowers and sunflowers in blossom.

Cleome-Spinosa-Spider-Flowers (3)

The flower carpet is planted on the area of lotus pond.

There are small temporary bridges between flower beds. Such kind flowers only gloom within one month; hence, a lot of couples, families spend their free time to enjoy and take photo.

Cleome-Spinosa-Spider-Flowers (4)

Fragile beauty of Cleome Spinosa Spider flowers zoom in

The ticket costs VND 80,000/ adult and VND 50,000/ child.

Cleome-Spinosa-Spider-Flowers (5)

Flower blossoms under winter sunshine

Cleome-Spinosa-Spider-Flowers (6)

Together with purple, white, red colors is green color of leaves.

Cleome-Spinosa-Spider-Flowers (7)

Both amateur and professional photographers do not miss out beautiful moments of the nature.

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