“Quẩy ruốc” Gruel at Ha Noi Old Quater

Take a white well- kneaded and steaming hot bowl of gruel with “quẩy” (Chinese breadsticks) and “ruốc” (pork floss) above, customers only need to mix and enjoy at an old space and see people go back and forth.

Tourists who first come to Ha Noi will look for eating special food such as: chả cá (fish noodle soup), bún thang (noodle soup), nộm (salad), phở cuốn (noodle roll), etc. Besides, you should also come to the Old Quarter which is between Ly Quoc Su and Huyen alley to enjoy “quẩy ruốc” gruel.

Quay ruoc Gruel at Ha Noi Old Quater (2)

You can sit down on a plastic stool to eat a “quẩy ruốc” bowl and see people going on the streets.

This dish is processed a bit simply with white well- kneaded gruel with “ quẩy” and “ ruốc” above, add a little paprika to raise the pungent, etc. However, enjoying “quẩy ruốc “gruel among the special space of Old Quarter which is always busy with local people and foreigners, you will feel the dish more interesting.

A big gruel pot is placed next to an electric pole and arranged with boxes of “ruốc” and “quẩy”. When customers order, the shopkeeper only needs to ask you: “Do you want to eat with “quẩy” and “ ruốc”? If you say yes, you will enjoy a steaming hot bowl of gruel with “ quẩy” that is cut into pieces and “ ruốc” above.

Not too big bowl of gruel like it in the South Vietnam, it is only somewhat little. If you are hungry, you will think that this bowl of gruel can not make you full. However, when you mix everything and eat up the bowl of gruel, you will feel that will do.

Quay ruoc Gruel at Ha Noi Old Quater (1)

The woman sells the gruel at Huyen alley and Ly Quoc Su.

The gruel was cooked well-kneaded, sweet at tongue and a bit salty. “Quẩy” is dipped into the gruel and becomes softer and more delicious.

If you don’t like “quẩy” and” ruốc”, you can also enjoy rib gruel. Although the gruel seems to to be well-kneaded, you can still see a little meat inside. The price of a bowl of gruel is VND 20,000; the store opens from the morning to the afternoon.  After enjoying, you can order iced tea or soya bean milk to drink.

(Pham Hoa)

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