Sour Rib Noodle Soup at Xa Dan street


bun suon

When talking about the sour rib noodle, people usually think that the broth is made from simmered rib, tomato, Colocasia gigantean (also known as mint in southern Vietnam) and fresh pineapple. With the same ingredients, the shop create a tasty broth with distinctive flavor. First looking the bowl of noodle with full of thinly sliced pork meat, delicious ribs, firm and sweet pork meat patties, no longer greasy feeling, just want to enjoy right away.

The shop owner has his own recipe of delicious broth that no matter what the weather is, how tables and stools are or even eating under a big umbrella, customers coming here are still crowded. Motorbikes  and auto are arranged in a long queue to wait for a hot and tasty bowl of sour rib noodle. The sour rib noodle soup is served with ribs, meat patties, pig tongue, pork leg cuts.

bun suon 2

Each pork patty is processed in a special recipe with “professional” secrets to create firm and sweet pork patties together with pepper and flavor of black mushrooms. The rib is simmered until well done hence the rib’s meat is both tough enough and sweet. The tongue is boiled still crunchy, a little tough, it is really interesting to enjoy. Especially, for men who come to this shop surely addict the dish of crunchy tongue. They usually order a bowl of tongue noodle, pork leg cuts to meet their craving and also as “stimulants” for chatting after a long day working. Much sliced meat is added but it is in harmony with the light sour savor of tomato and pineapple cooked with Colocasia gigantean hence the dish is easy to savor, strange and not greasy at all.

Customers coming in winter days will face with the cold because the shop is located right in sidewalk without  shield. However, despite cold and rainy weather, the shop has never been in unsalable situation. The shop opens all day time, spacious parking. A bowl of full noodle cost 40, 000 dong.

Address: 63 Xa Dan street, Dong Da district, Hanoi city

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