Romantic Beauty of Early Winter Flowers in Ba Vi

With high mountainous terrain, cool climate and rich vegetation, visiting Ba Vi on winter days, visitors will admire a lot of flowers in blossom.


It is about 60 km from Hanoi city center, Ba Vi owns the cool climate together with ecosystem diversity. It is very suitable for weekend trips or short-time holiday for groups of friends or families.


Billygoat-weed flowers in blossom


The beauty of wild flowers contributes to make the landscape around nicer and more brilliant.


Walking under shadows of trees in the late autumn…


…or stepping on dry leaves also makes you feel interesting.


The tree marigold flowers blossom in early winter.


Nowadays, such these flowers grow naturally among the green vast forest of Ba Vi national park. The season of the tree marigold is about from November to mid- December.


In addition, you could see rare kinds of flowers in blossom.


Mossy constructions are must-visit places. A lot of young people and photographers usually come here to take photo.


Pine forest is an ideal place for camping.


The place for wedding photoshoot

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