Hanoi: Tet Holiday On Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Streets in Hanoi

 A little bit unlike Saigon, in Hanoi capital, on very near Tet Holiday, Vietnamese calligraphers prepare to go to the Ong Do streets. It is the time when cherry blossoms all over corners of Hanoi streets.

ong-do-streets (1)

Ong Do street is very busy on early days of spring.

Giving calligraphy has long become a beauty of Vietnamese culture as well as tradition of Hanoians. On Van Mieu street, the images of Ong Do with red paper become too familiar.

ong-do-streets (2)

Ong Do street in Temple of Literature area

Starting at the first of January, many people gather at Ong Do street in Temple of Literature area or at the ancient house of 87 Ma May street to ask for calligraphy. They wish for a happy new year with much of luckiness, prosperity as calligraphy’s meanings.

ong-do-streets (3)

Vietnamese calligraphers are giving calligraphy

Aside from giving calligraphy, you have chances to ask about meanings and advice for your suitable words. A lot of foreign tourists find interesting with red paper, Sino ink and beautiful calligraphy.

ong-do-streets (4)

At Ong Do streets, you chances to ask about meanings of calligraphy

ong-do-streets (5)

A lot of foreign tourists find interesting with calligraphy

ong-do-streets (6)

A variety of meaningful calligraphy

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