Royal City- Shopping Center in Hanoi

In the Royal city, you will have the opportunity to enjoy tours right in the heart of the city, walk in Europe gardens by ancient cars, or go shopping at a giant shopping center, enjoy delicious meals with family and friends at Vincom Mega Mall food Street, or relax in amusement parks, spa, etc. Let’s explore wonders inside Vincom Mega Mall (VMM) Royal City.

Square Area

quang truong

Royal City Square

The wide Square area of near 30,000 square meters is designed with populations of large sculptures, beautiful European garden with tropical plants. It will be the venue for organizing big events.

Shopping Area

khu mua sam

Shopping complex in Royal city

The shopping complex is the area of 150,000 meters with 600 booths which are distributed according to good types and serve various needs of customers.

Food Street Area


Food street in Royal City

On the area of 44,000 square meters, the food street area of Vincom Mega Mall (VMM) Royal City collects more than 200 restaurants. Here, tourists will meet colorful cuisine styles, impressive decoration and famous restaurants serving a variety of foreign dishes.

Water Park


Indoor water park

Indoor Water Park – Vinpearl Water Park Royal City with the theme “tropical jungle”, has scale of 24,000 square meters and works all years round

Vinpearl Games Royal City


The Vinpearl Games

Located at the B1 ground floor of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, the Vinpearl Games is described as a unique design which creates a closed space but airy.

 Royal Bowling Area

royal bowling

Royal Bowling 

Royal Bowling area is located at the B1 ground floor of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, adjacent to Vinpearl Games Zone, then it is very convenient for tourists to choose their favorite games.

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