Festival of Duc Dien Village

hoi lang duc dien

The festival of Duc Dien village is annually held from 10th to 13rd February lunar calendar in Duc Dien village, Phu Dien commune, Tu Liem district. The festival honors The Earth King who is a Saint protects Bach Hac citadel, Dao Truong river.

Duc Dien is located in a large area with southward entrance and the west of communal house has a big pond creating a fresh and comfortable space. The village house’s courtyard is also large enough for a 5-room priest house. The house architecture was designed as “工” word model (Chinese word) including: Main Hall, Saint’s House and forbidden palace.

The festival of Duc Dien in the past carried folk activities such as the practice on 9 February, young and strong men in the village were taken responsible to cut grass and formed it into three steps. After that they watered it and looked after overnight to avoid any other objects fall into.

co trai

In the morning of 10th February, the village holds a procession from the village house to “Ma Hop” entrance and come bank the village house. The procession includes a team of festival flag, 4 sacred animals, followed by priests, a 8-sound band, a team of 8 virgin girls with beautiful ceramic jars.

The festival of Duc Dien village makes its own worship cake such as: Banh Day (a white, round, flat, glutinous rice cake), Banh Cuon (literally “rolled cake”) and sugar-cane. The villagers told Mr. Ly Nam on his occasion of  visiting Doan Hung, saw the delicious kind of grapefruit and brought its cutting branch back to Duc Dien village. When economy gardening was not appreciated, the breed grapefruit of Mr. Nam is less valuable and not popular. Recently, the economy gardening has been highly appreciated, residents here focus on breeding this kind of grapefruit. And especially Duc Dien grapefruits are more delicious. Today’, together with the policy of new rural construction, Duc Dien grapefruits has built a producing movement and keeps traditional festival in hometown.

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