The Festival of Nam Dong Communal House, Hanoi


dinh nam dong

The Nam Dong communal house is located in Nguyen Luong Bang street, Nam Dong ward, Dong Da district, Ha Noi city. The communal house worships Vietnamese general Ly Thuong Kiet who has been a national hero since 11th century. After victory of Nhu Nguyet fighting 1076, he came back and settled his military forces in Nam Dong. He taught and encouraged people cultivate and let them enjoy benefits to reclaim land.

After his death, the king Ly Nhan Tong ordered to build a temple where next generations come to worship. He was also honored as a town god of Nam Dong communal house. to acknowledge his merit, the Nam Dong communal house annually organizes festival on 17th of February (lunar calendar).

The festival of Nam Dong communal house is held in two days  and welcomed by crowd of residents and surrounding villages.

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The festival’s program takes place as below:

On 16th of February: on the morning, starting with the sacrifice ceremony of male priests (village elders), then villagers come to sacrifice town God. On the afternoon, it takes place cultural music performances and folk games.

On 17th of February: on the morning, the ceremony of reading sacred genealogy with participation of villagers, pilgrims, then families and village individuals come to sacrifice town God. Next, the incense offering ceremony of male priests then female priests. After ceremony of sacrifice, it is time for pilgrims to offer incense and worship town God. In the midday, pilgrims and villager come together to receive God’s blessing.

In the afternoon same day, the festival continues welcoming people from other villages, then takes place cultural music performances and folk games. On sunset, villager elders wear traditional costumes to hold ending ceremony.

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