Unique Dishes Made From Flowers Part 1


Beautiful bauhinia flowers or primitive folk flowers associated with river water as sesban, scarlet wisteria, etc. They are all able to become  tasty and distinctly flavored dishes.

It is not only adorn the beauty of the countryside, flowers also have very high nutritional value.

  1. Sesban Flowers

hoa ban 2

For tourists who visit Northwest area in March will see a wood of white sesban flowers blossom. Sesban flowers like a shy young girl, only blossoms after ending season of peach flowers and plum flowers.

Flowers are beautiful but slender; however, not many people know those purple or white petals are able to be used to prepare for tasty dishes attracting tourists on occasion of travelling the Northwest area. Thai women usually pick flowers for cooking or sell in the market as a fresh vegetable that is preferred by a lot of people.

Sesban flowers are  fried with bitter bamboo shoots having bitterness of bamboo shoot and sweetness of flowers. After picking sesban flowers off,  Thai women will gather petals and pistil, then gently washed through with hot water, next crumple it and mix with minced meat, spices stuffed fish. In addition,  people usually use sesban flowers to make soup, salad, cooked with pork foot rolls, fried with forest pork meat, etc. very attractive.

2. Tonkinese Creeper Flowers

hoa thien ly

On summer, tonkinese creeper flowers blossom and spread their fragrance into surrounding space. The flower is also a nutritious food that is used to mix with different food with cooling effect and helps sleep well.

Tonkinese creeper flowers can be processes into a lot of dishes such as shrimp soup, fish soup or fried other foods such as beef, seafood, etc. It is very attractive. But simple dish usually cooked in the summer is tonkinese creeper with crab dish. The dish is easy to make and carries sweet and fragrant flavor. Flowers are soaked in water and washed until clean, skillfully pouring into the crab soup to avoid being crushed and still keep green color of flowers. Enjoying a meal with an attractive bowl of soup-  green color of flower buds and golden crabmeat. It is really great dish.

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