Dishes Made of Lotus in Early Summer


Pink and white lotus flowers are not only beautiful but also nutritious with a lot of dishes such as: lotus tea, lotus root salad, etc.

Coolness and sophistication is what lotus dishes bring on each summer

Lotus tea

tra sen

                         Enjoy a cup of lotus tea in the middle of West Lake in Hanoi

Lotus tea maybe considered a specialty from lotus on summer. To marinate the tea, lotus flowers must be picked up before dawn when they are wet in night dew, only big and light pink flowers are collected. First, they separate white seeds from yellow pistils. A kilogram of tea uses at least 1,000 lotus flowers to marinate. Each tea layer will be covered with a layer of white seeds. Thanks to this, each tea leave is deeply attached with the scent of lotus.

However, the way to enjoy tea is the most attractive thing of lotus tea. That is reason why on occasion of summer, lotus ponds in West Lake are busy to welcome tourists to take photo, sightseeing and enjoying tea. Each pot of lotus tea costs 30,000-50,000; it’s up to tea types and lotus ponds. The tea water is clear and light odorous that make the hot summer become cooler.

Longans and lotus seeds porridge

Made of lotus seeds to reduce heat and relax spirit, the lotus seeds porridge has becomes favorable dish in summer days. Depending on favorite or regional features, each region has lotus porridge variations such as: lotus porridge with aloe, lotus porridge with purple potatoes, lotus porridge with snow mushroom, with red bean, etc. but most delicious and popular is the longans and lotus seeds porridge.

che long nhan

                       Longans and lotus seeds porridge- cool and nutritiouc on summer.

In Hanoi, you can enjoy longans and lotus seeds porridge in Hang Can street and To Hien Thanh street.

Lotus Seed Jam

No need to wait until summer to enjoy the lotus seed jam because it is a special dish on occasion of Vietnamese New Year. The lotus seed jam is made of dried lotus seeds. Stages of making the lotus seed jam is quite sophisticated,  seeds are not only soaked, boiled, dried but also heat them until soft while kept in whole grains, not broken then soaked in cold water, pick out and let it dry. Then marinate lotus seeds with sugar with proportion 1:1. Finally, stir lotus seeds with liquid sugar until you see white sugar around lotus seeds.

mut sen

                                            Lotus seed jam- a gift of Hanoians

A lot of Southern tourists visit Hang Duong street or Hang Dieu street to buy the lotus seed jam as a gift. Because it is not only delicious but each jam seed also looks like a white pearl collecting essence of Hanoi capital.  The sweetness of sugar, cool flavor of lotus seeds, served with a cup of tea will make you love Hanoi summer more.

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