West Lake

ho tay

The West Lake, mirror of Hanoi with area of 500 hectares and thousand years of history.

West Lake’s perimeter is 17 kilometers long. Sector of history and geography demonstrated that the lake is an old part of Hong river after Hong river turned its direction. There are many fairytales around the name of West Lake. With its old name as “Ho Tinh” (the lake of monster), once  upon time, West Lake was a place where a 9 tails fox did people harm and the King of river raised water to collapse  the fox’s shelter and it became a lake.

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West Lake is also a beautiful lake creating special feelings for famous Vietnamese poets as: Nguyen Du, Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Khuyen, etc.

If walking around the lake, tourist will discover number of other heritages and spots. Nghi Tam village is the hometown of poet Ba Huyen Thanh Quan and Kim Liem pagoda with unique architecture. Nhat Tan Village is a source of peach flowers when Spring coming. Xuan Tao village with Soc Temple adores Giong Saint, Trich Sai village with Thien Nien pagoda adores the ancestress of textile, etc. and especially, Quan Thanh temple. Together with Truc Bach lake, West Lake enriches  poetry of Hanoi city as well as Hanoi economics because it is an attractive landscape and a big source of fish.

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