Temple of Literature

van mieu quoc tu giam (12)

Temple of Literature is the old school of Thang Long capital and the first university of South East Asia. It is not only a historical heritage- long time culture but also a place to organize cultural activities imbued with national identity in Hanoi.

The temple was built in 1070 at the time of King Ly Nhan Tong. It is one of several temples in Vietnam which are dedicated to Confucius, sages and scholars. The Temple is located to the south of Thang Long Citadel.

van mieu

The first courtyard begins from a main gate with words “Van Mieu Mon” above, and a couple of stone dragons on both two sides under pre -Le dynasty ( 15th century)

The second courtyard starts from Dai Trung Mon gate, two smaller gates named Thanh Duc and Thanh Dat located on two sides. This way leads to Khue Van Cac (Constellation of Literature pavilion).

The third courtyard from Constellation of Literature pavilion. In the third courtyard is the “Well of Heavenly Clarity” (“Thien Quang Tinh”). On either side of the well stand two great halls which house the treasures of the temple.

One enters the fourth courtyard through the “Gate of great synthesis” (“Dai Thanh”). On either side are two smaller gates: the gate of “Golden Sound” (“Kim Thanh”) and the gate of “Jade Vibration” (“Ngoc Chan”).

Nowadays, Hanoi city established a center of scientific and cultural activities in Temple of Literature in order to develop functions of heritage.

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